Some notes on ShinySDR

ShinySDR is a bit similar to my OpenWebRX project.
I could not find any good screenshots on the Internet about ShinySDR, so here is one:

On the picture, I’m just demodulating NFM, and it works well.
If you need an absolute short guide on setting up and running ShinySDR, here it is (for Linux Mint 17):

# first install GNU Radio - hope it won't fail
wget && chmod a+x ./build-gnuradio && ./build-gnuradio

# install ShinySDR
git clone
cd shinysdr
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo python install
python -m shinysdr.main --create ~/.shinysdr_settings
python -m shinysdr.main ~/.shinysdr_settings

Note that it creates a ~/.shinysdr_settings in your home directory.

The source of this post is my previous blog at HA5KFU.