My open source projects

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OpenWebRX is a multi-user SDR receiver software with a web interface.

I also maintain the site, which lists publicly available receivers around the world.


csdr is a simple DSP library and command-line tool for Software Defined Radio.


minidemod is a really-really simple demodulator intended to teach Software Defined Radio and DSP to newcomers:

More about it in my talk at DCC 2015:


qtcsdr makes a ham transceiver out of your Raspberry Pi 2 and RTL-SDR, with the help of rpitx!


gr-ha5kfu is a set of GNU Radio blocks I wrote. It has some blocks that allow you to insert external processes into a GNU Radio flowgraph:


SDRLab is an RTL-SDR interface to LabVIEW for educational purposes.


RTL Multi-User Server is a small python script to allow multiple clients control the same RTL-SDR compatible DVB-T tuner, while all of them receive the stream of I/Q samples: