My name is András.

You can find me on LinkedIn and GitHub, and contact me by e-mail.

I can send you a detailed CV on request. A summary of my skills is available below.

Software Defined Radio

I have built a web-based spectrum monitoring tool, OpenWebRX, which is in use at 200+ servers around the world. I also implemented CSDR, the DSP tool behind it. CSDR has been used by NASA while tracking the ExoMars EDM lander.

FPGA development

I have experience with the Xilinx toolchain (Vivado and SDK), and especially the Zynq SoCs. I have solved timing problems, written bootloaders, wrote TCL scripts and worked around the bugs of the toolchain, etc. I can implement both the programmable logic and the firmware for the CPU, and the interfaces between them. I can basically make things work for you. I also have some experience with the Altera/Intel toolchain.

GPU development

I have experience in accelerating algorithms with both CUDA and OpenCL.

SIMD acceleration

I have experience in accelerating algorithms with ARM NEON. Here you can find my digital downconverter implementation accelerated with NEON.

Hardware engineering

I have designed and built PCBs, and brought up the prototypes. I have experience with AVR, PIC and ARM-based MCUs and various hardware interfaces. I also have experience with RF measurements.

Software development

I have built web, desktop and embedded software. Usually I’m doing the web/UI graphics design myself as well (including the OpenWebRX website, SDR.hu).

IT security

I have IT security certifications from the EC-Council (Certified Ethical Hacker) and Scademy.