Headless first boot with Odroid-C1

It was quite easy, but I’d like to highlight some information:

  • You can download the Ubuntu 14.04 image from here (EU mirror). I copied it to an SD card with dd.
  • As I have not ordered a power supply for the board (and it has a quite uncommon connector), I had to short R87 in order to power it from the MicroUSB port (just as it can be done with the Raspberry Pi).
  • I shorted the Boot Media Selector so that I can use my MicroSD card.
  • The Ubuntu image has DHCP and SSH enabled by default. I’ve found the IP address of the board on my network with:
    nmap -sP 192.168.0/24
    (This detects all IP addresses on a class C network, by pinging all possible ones. Warning: use the nmap tool only on your own network, as using it may be misunderstood as a security intrusion attempt!)
  • Now I could log in to the board:
    ssh odroid@
    The default password is odroid (just as the username).

The source of this post is my previous blog at HA5KFU.