I’ve created a python script that can read the I/Q samples from a HPSDR Atlas + Metis + Mercury receiver, and write them to the standard output. The code is available on GitHub:


Big thanks to János, HA5FT for the huge amount of help!

The script is very experimental, and does not allow changing a lot of settings yet: it can set the center frequency, switch the preamplifier on/off, and it can currently use only one receiver.

However, it can already be used with OpenWebRX with the following settings in config_webrx.py:

# >> HPSDR Mercury as signal source
start_rtl_command="hpsdrtool --freq {center_freq} --preamp".format(center_freq=center_freq)
format_conversion="csdr convert_s24_f"

This is how hpsdrtool works with OpenWebRX: