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Writing code is my profession, and I have already solved problems for several companies.

Want to integrate OpenWebRX into your product?

OpenWebRX is dual licensed, so that it is available to be built into future commercial transceivers. Contact me about that. If you support me this way, expect me to care about my open source contributors also while doing business.

Support development directly via PayPal.

I am doing OpenWebRX in my free time, while I am working on other projects to make a living. OpenWebRX is a dual licensed project, which means that I am keeping the doors open for its use as a part of commercial products later, although I will keep OpenWebRX open (see the previous section). However, it is currently still a hobby project for me, without a company behind it to support the development. If you want to support my work that I give away for free to ham radio operators and SDR enthusiasts, you can donate via PayPal.

Currently I’m working on the following things:

  • GPGPU and FastDDC: Improving the DDC algorithms and making the first GPGPU accelerated web-based SDR receiver that is open source. I will also document the algorithms for anyone to use them later. See my article for more.
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  • Better UI: Various improvements including a squelch, S-meter, spectrum graph, frequency labels, and better mobile support.
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    2016-03-21 UPDATE: Finished a squelch slider, auto squelch adjustment, an S-meter, sliders for waterfall colors, waterfall color auto adjustment, zoom buttons. Also added a new goal: frequency labels.
    2017-07-12 UPDATE: Added a 3D waterfall diagram to the UI.

  • Digital demodulators: This year I am going to introduce PSK31 and RTTY digital demodulators into OpenWebRX and csdr. I am going to document these just as I did with other algorithms in my BSc thesis.
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    2017-07-12 UPDATE: Finished the BPSK31 demodulator, and documented it in my Master's thesis.

In addition, I’ve also received 9800 USD in total from ValentFX (owner of KiwiSDR) between 2016 and 2017.

Thank you for your support!

Important: I plan to implement all of these features even if I get no donations. On the other hand, I am not providing a service in return of the donations, and I keep the right to choose which features to work on and implement. The donated amounts are not updated automatically, however, I am updating them regularly (2-3 business days 30 business days).

The fundraising has been started in March, 2016.